Delta Food Coalition

Delta Food Coalition

potatoesDelta Food Coalition (DFC) is a network of community groups working together to address food security issues in Delta.

Food Security
Food security looks at problems of food waste and inequitable distribution, nutrition, health and obesity, and poverty. Building a sustainable regional food system is an important goal in achieving long term food security.
To achieve food security, every member of a community must be able to make food choices that sustain personal health and well being and where our current consumption does not reduce our ability to meet the needs of future generations.

Learn more about Vancouver Coastal Health Food Standards and other food related issues and concepts.

For a list of food programs, initiatives and services serving Delta residents, click HERE.

DFC’s Role
DFC brings together diverse interests to address these challenges from a broad perspective. By working together, Delta Food Coalition pools community resources to deliver action oriented projects that make a real difference for Delta residents.

These include the Family Harvest Box, Shared Harvest, and Pocket Markets.

DFC membership is open to any individual or group interested in contributing to this initiative. Members include Deltassist, Delta Boy’s and Girls Club, Canadian Mental Health, and Fraser Health Authority. Earthwise Society coordinates the DFC.

DFC is supported by United Way.
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