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Substance Use Blog Series: Relapse Prevention

Today’s substance use blog post is about relapse prevention. There is no consensus for a definition of “relapse,” but it occurs after you have made a choice to limit a behaviour, in this case substance use. It involves a setback that disrupts the goals you had set previously [1]. Relapse prevention planning involves coming up

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Substance Use Blog Series: Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model of Substance Use and Recovery

Today’s Substance Use blog post is about the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of substance use. This might sound complicated, but bear with us. All this model really stands for is seeing your substance use challenge as the multifaceted thing it is. This model recognizes that there are many influences behind problematic substance use, and likewise, there are

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Substance Use Blog Series: The Opioid Crisis and COVID-19

Today’s post is about the opioid crisis and COVID-19. We have written a number of posts about the opioid crisis already. Here you can find an article providing a general overview, here you can read about agonist therapy, treatment programs, and preventing overdose deaths here and here. Because of these existing posts we are going

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Substance Use Blog Series: Alcohol and COVID-19

Today’s post is about increase in alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. This post will share data that is available so far, factors that have been contributing to increased urges to drink, and some tips for how to manage these increased urges. We are all coping with unprecedented stress in one way or another, but

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Substance Use Blog Series: Communication with Loved ones Experiencing Substance Use Challenges

Today’s Substance Use Blog post is about communicating with loved ones who are struggling with their substance use. So many factors can come into play when communicating with a loved one about this, such as their point of recovery, your existing relationship, and both of your communication styles and temperaments, to name a few. Depending

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