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Alternatives to Violence

Violence against women is not a private family issue. It is a community and public health issue affecting not only the abuser and his victim but everyone around them.

To find dates of upcoming groups , visit our Groups Workshops & Programs page.

Alternatives to Violence – Victim Support

This program provides assistance primarily to women and children experiencing relationship violence.

Deltassist’s Alternatives To Violence program includes individual and group counselling for adult female victims of relationship violence and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Groups that you may find helpful in dealing with violence in relationships can be found on our Groups page. Here are some of our groups for women:

Age: 19+ or teen living independently

Referral sources: No special referral requirements

Outreach services: Yes

Services provided:

  • A range of supportive services that promote healthy functioning and independence including finding safe, stable living arrangements, seeking financial assistance, understanding

From safety to self-compassion group

This group is for women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The group will create a safe environment for you to give voice to your story and feel validated. You will be encouraged to create your own internal and external safety. The group will cover topics like establishing boundaries, consolidating a sense of self, reflecting on the journey and cultivating a future from here on.

Age: 19+

Referral source: No special referral requirements

Outreach services: Yes

Services provided:

  • Assessment
  • Individual counselling

Freedom From Abuse In Relationships  (Now called making connections)

Deltassist is facilitating a group for women who have experienced partner abuse at some point of their lives. Living with abuse and violence can harm both physical and psychological health. Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy relationship that is free from violence and fear. Women will learn about the cycle of abuse, why abuse happens and the impact of abuse both on themselves and the children. They will learn healthier communication skills and self care techniques. Women who identify as LGBTQ2 are welcome.

Self esteem

In this group women participants will learn what self esteem is and how abuse impacts self esteem. They will learn about self assessment tools and about healthier thinking patterns using acceptance paradox. They will identify their own strengths and use these to enhance their self esteem.

Boundaries and Assertiveness

Women participants will have a deeper understanding for building boundaries, understanding assertiveness, and developing a healthier self worth. Sometimes being a people pleaser seems easier than being assertive. Women will recognize that they are worth way more than that and create an ability to say ‘no’ when they want to. The participants will learn a healthy style of conducting interpersonal relationships where they don’t have to give up on their own needs and still have respect for others’ needs.


Domestic Violence Intervention Program

Provides services to perpetrators of domestic violence that promotes the safety of their children and partners.

  • Individual and group counselling
  • Psycho-education and referrals


Healthy Relationships and Stress Management Group

This a 12 week prevention/intervention group provided to perpetrators of violence prior to a charge, conviction, or sentencing state of the criminal justice process.  Individuals will learn to deal with stress, develop empathy, respond instead of react and communicate differently.

Call Tejinder at 604-594-3455 ext 110.  She will be there for you!


Caring Dads Group

Caring Dads is a therapeutic intervention group led by trained facilitators that helps fathers foster healthier relationships with their child(ren) and their child(ren)’s mother.

This group is for fathers residing in Delta and neighboring communities. The program is specifically for men whose relationship with their children or children’s mothers is highly conflictual or problematic in other ways. To be eligible for the program, men must have some regular supervised or unsupervised contact with at least one of their (0-16 year-old) children.

Call Ravi at 604-594-3455 ext 152

To find dates of upcoming groups , visit our Groups Workshops & Programs page.

For more information, contact us.

If in immediate Crisis

For help with violence in Delta
Call VictimLink BC at 1.800.563.0808

Violence: It’s Never OK

For online resources on dealing with violence, visit our Delta Opposes Violence Everywhere (DOVE) page.

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