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Substance Use Services Blog Series: Preventing Overdose Deaths Part 2

Preventing Overdose Deaths (Part 2) This week we interrupted a three-post series addressing stigma to talk about overdose and how to prevent death by overdose. This is the second half of that two-part post. The previous post examines what an overdose is and the special legal protections offered to those who help out in a potential…   Read More…

Substance Use Services Blog Series: Preventing Overdose Deaths Part 1

Preventing Overdose Deaths (Part 1) The previous two posts were part of a three-post series addressing stigma. We will finish that series next week, after using this week post to talk about overdose. There will be two separate posts this week to cover information, resources, and strategies to prevent overdose deaths. They are meant to…   Read More…

Substance Use Services Blog Series: Different Kinds of Stigma, Shame, and Self-Compassion

Last week’s post introduced the concept of stigma. This week, we’ll be expanding on that topic by examining different types of stigma and exploring self-compassion as a means of coping with shame and self-stigma. The Canadian government website breaks stigma down into three categories: social, structural, and self-stigma[1]. The website also provides examples of how…   Read More…

Substance Use Services Blog Series: Myths Behind Stigma

The first series of posts in our Substance Use Services blog discussed the types of resources available to Delta residents looking to abstain from or reduce their substance use. Over the next weeks, we will be examining stigma and its consequences. Stigma is one of the most significant barriers people face when they reach out…   Read More…

Substance Use Blog Series Part 6: Peer Support and Self-Help

Welcome to the Deltassist Substance Use Services (SUS) blog series. This weekly series has been created during the Covid-19 pandemic to help increase awareness around drug and alcohol use and mental health. These initial posts contain information for people with questions about resources to help quit or reduce their substance use. I am looking for…   Read More…

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