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Substance Use Blog Series: What is the Overdose Crisis?

This week’s post is an overview of the overdose crisis. We discuss three factors that contributed to the current public health emergency in Canada and the USA: Barriers to health services The increase in opioid prescriptions leading up to the crisis The illegal sales of fentanyl This 8 min TED-Ed video gives an excellent summary…   Read More…

Substance Use Blog Series: Triggers

This week in the Substance Use Blog Series, we are discussing what triggers are as well as some coping mechanisms for dealing with them. But before that we want to acknowledge that changing one’s relationship with substances is a layered process. Our human neurobiology is complicated and there are also social, psychological, and spiritual components…   Read More…

Substance Use Blog Series: Youth Resources

This week’s post reviews the resources available to Delta youth who have questions about substances, are considering reducing the amount of substances they use, or quitting substances all together. This post was promised way back in our very first substance use series blog post (that post on resources for adult residents of Delta can still…   Read More…

Substance Use Services Blog Series: Self-Care

As we in British Columbia continue with the third stage of reopening, many people are still unable to return to life the way it was before the Covid-19 pandemic. At Deltassist, we want to acknowledge that stress related to the continued effects of Covid-19, including grief and concern with the escalating overdose crisis, may mean…   Read More…

Substance Use Services Blog Series: The Impacts of Stigma on Self and Family

This week we are finishing our three-part series on stigma (find the first post on myths and realities here, and the second post on different kinds of stigma, shame, and self-compassion here). In the previous posts, we mentioned that stigma deters people who use drugs from seeking help, but we didn’t elaborate on how. This…   Read More…

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